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- E1M5 - Switch from above :   Consists in triggering the switch from above to open the exit door. Avoids to fall in the water.
                                                 Vincent Catalaà in h1s5-052.

- E1M6 - Walk on the edge:     Allows to trigger the secret door w/o falling off the ledge. It's useful only for the secret exit run.
                                                 Vincent Catalaà in h1s6s113.

- E1M6 - Jump to window:       Saves some time by jumping directly to a window near the exit door switch. It also avoids to run
                                                 through all the Dark Monks. It's useful only for the secret exit run.
                                                 Vincent Catalaà in h1s6s113.

- E1M7 - Walk on Monsters:    Also called "a trip on the golem shoulders", it involves walking on monsters to reach the blue key
                                                 (impossible in DooM because of infinitely tall actors)
                                                 Jeff Easthope in h1n7-251.

- E2M3 - Key Grab /Wings:      The key is too high; the wings help to get it with a grab.
                                                 QWERTY in h2s3-041.

- E2M3 – Death exit glide:        Time bomb assisted death glide to the exit.
                                                 stx-Vile in h2s3-037.

- E2M5 - Blue Key Jump:         A nice jump to the blue key which is, fortunately, the very last key.
                                                 Branimir H. Beric in h2n5-055.

- E2M7 - Chaos Device Trick:  Teleports you closer to the green door right after picking up the green key.
                                                 Branimir H. Beric in h2n7-400.

- E2M7 - Yellow Key Trick:     The yellow key can be picked up w/o activating the switch, rendered useless
                                                 by the flying shortcuts.
                                                 Vincent Catalaà in h2s7-123.

- E2M7 – Flying shortcuts:        Allows to grab yellow key and green key as well as avoiding monsters.
                                                 Branimir H. Beric in h2n7-400.

- E2M9 - Chaos Device Trick:   Probably the best example for Chaos Device handling. This one teleports you right near the
                                                  blue door.
                                                  Vincent Catalaà in h2s9-054.

- E3M1 - Tornado Lift Up:        You have to run into an Iron Lich Tornado to get a little lift and climb on the little platform
                                                  that leads to the exit.
                                                  Branimir H. Beric in h3n1-137.

- E3M2 - Yellow Key Trick:      The wings allow to take the yellow w/o having to lower the pillar.
                                                  Vincent Catalaà in h3s2-046.

- E3M6 - Wings Trick:               After taking the blue key, use the wings and fly to the exit.
                                                  Vincent Catalaà in h3s6-117.

- E3M6 - Chaos Device Trick:   That trick does seem to save some seconds..
                                                  Vincent Catalaà in h3s6-107.

- E4M2 - Time Bomb Trick:      With a good timing and enough health the bomb can launch you quite far.
                                                  This one allows you to land on the 3rd platform (instead of the 4th).
                                                  Vincent Catalaà in h4s2-128.

- E4M2 - Walk on the edge:      Consists in triggering all platforms w/o falling..
                                                  Vincent Catalaà in h4s2-116.

- E4M2 - Chaos Device Trick:   There's a Chaos Device near the blue key, that allows to teleport near the blue door.
                                                  Vincent Catalaà in h4s2-116.

- E4M2 - Wings Trick:               Allows to grab the green key very quickly.
                                                  QWERTY in h4s2-112.

- E4M4 - Chaos Device Trick:   There's a Chaos Device near the blue key, that allows to teleport near the blue door.
                                                  QWERTY in h4s2-116.

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